wendy cope

bucata 1 …

It was a dream I had last week And some kind of record seemed vital. I knew it wouldn’t be much of a poem But I loved the title. ….

bucata 2 ...

We men have love well weighed up; our stuf Can get by without it. Women don’t seem to think that’s good enough; They write about it, And the awful way their poems lay them open Just doesn’t strike them. Women are really much nicer than men: No wonder we like them

bucata 3

I’ ll rouge my cleavage, flaunt myself, my heels

will be perilously high, oh

but I won’t sway.

I’ll shrug everything off the shoulder,

make wisecracks, be witty off the cuff.

Tell blue jokes in mixed company.

I’ll be a bad lot.

I’ve a brass neck. There is mayhem in my smile.

No one will guess it’s not my style.



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