de horoscopu de azi 1 mai

in care se arata ca unu din cele mai cautate chestii prin care ajung unii la mine pe blog este „zodie de cacat”.

si ma nemultumeste. je nu are o zodie de cacat cum zice colegu gingashu. nici pomeneala. eu o stric.

iaca tranzitu pe ziua de azi:
Mercury Opposition Uranus, , exact at 06:34
activity period from 30 April 2008 to 1 May 2008

si pt care vrea sa ne vizualizam, sa ia aminte la ce zice acilisha:

You may need to put the brakes on in your mind today, for you tend to think and speak hastily.
Others may seem too slow for you today, and in your haste you may overlook something significant. At its worst this influence will make you feel scattered, undisciplined and nervous. But on the positive side, it acts like a stimulant upon the brain. You are interested in new kinds of experiences and very impatient with the usual routine. Do something different or meet new people who will challenge your thinking. Even your long-time associates can show you aspects of themselves that you never knew existed. In conversation with others, you are inclined to be blunt. Just be careful not to overdo it, and avoid saying things simply to shock people. Be prepared to back up your words later.


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